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Laura Thurbon is an accomplished artist and educator. After A successful Career in Peru, Laura moved to America where she launched her fine art / Mural / Faux finish business.  She has created numerous and varied works (both residential and commercial) throughout the Valley with 100% customer satisfaction. 


From Lima with Love

Born and raised in Lima, Peru Laura Thurbon is the Granddaughter of an Admiral in the Peruvian Navy. This afforded her many opportunities to be exposed to diverse cultures, countries, ethnicities and all strata of society. This foundation and diverse upbringing, combined with her classical education in a wide variety of the Arts, opened up doors to not only become a well-rounded artist herself, but to find herself acting as the envoy to dignitaries visiting Peru. Privileged to host such famous artists as the Israeli artist Dorrit Yacoby & Japanese artist Nobuhiko Utsumi as well as ambassadors from several countries. These experiences drove her to expand her boundaries and ultimately led her to a life in the US. Here, as an independent business owner, Laura built a business as a unique artist creating small & large murals for businesses and private homes, custom tile art, commissioned canvases, etc. This experience as a business owner, taught her the critical importance of effective marketing. Thus she took it upon herself to learn everything she could about marketing. All things from graphic design, social media, website development, to trade show coordination. She absorbed this art form in the same manner she had the classics as a child. Recently Laura joined a fast growing IT managed services firm in the information technology arena and is helping put an entirely new spin on, what is traditionally viewed as, the world of propeller heads. But work isn’t everything right?, in her spare time, Laura Thurbon continues to keep her artistic talents alive in such ways as painting custom murals, pet portraits, and as a professional photographer. Also as a modest philanthropist, her most recent extracurricular project has been a large scale, custom, mural for San Vincent De Paul honoring the Champions for the homeless. 

Laura Thurbon Art






Laura Thurbon is a Professional Artist, Muralist, Marketer and a well-rounded, seasoned Art educator. Her primary studies were in Lima, Peru graduating as an Art Teacher, and Professional Artist after 8 years of intense instruction at the National Fine Arts School of Lima. Laura has won many art awards, and her artwork is part of several worldwide collections in the United States, South America, Europe, Israel, and India. She has many Published works, and Public Murals around the South West United States. Laura also has provided Art Education for students in K-12 (private and charter schools) and adult education courses in a community college totaling more than 20 years. 

With a successful record of accomplishment working as a public relations representative, educator, and independent business owner, Laura brings her expansive experience, contemporary marketing skills, her knowledge of cultural diversity, and applies these as vehicles with which to engage people of all ages. She creates a wide variety of marketing materials and Websites, and incorporates her professional Photography knowledge generating beautiful artistic designs

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